CleanCharge is the cross-border access to Europe's biggest network with more than 4000 publicly available chargers all over Europe

We represent todays new intelligent and open access EV chargers, energy storage technologies and micro-grid solutions

Our simple solutions combining digital access models make charging easy and quick without the need for a card or user subscriptions. Furthermore, we offer reasonable business models primarily to B2B and B2G, where pricing is up to our individual customers, who offer charging. With the new fast and intelligent chargers and charging technology, we offer you futureproof EV chargers and coherent energy solutions within:

  • Capacity-controlled charging
  • Solar cell production
  • Building energy management integration

Do you need independent simple solutions or advanced functional solutions?

Please contact us, regardless of whether you are looking for independent simple solutions or the more advanced functional solutions such as:

Here you will find the publicly available CleanCharge chargers in Denmark: