Cross-border access to Europe's largest network of chargers

CleanCharge offers customers in the Nordic region on the B2B market access to Europe's largest network of 4000+ publicly available chargers across the national borders


This gives everyone the opportunity to get easy, fast and secure charging throughout Europe, where CleanCharge currently cooperates with Innogy - just as we connect to hundreds of other charging operators chargers.

Use CleanCharge chargers on your own local charging terms

You will find CleanCharge on the Hubject Roaming platform in Europe as the only Danish charging operator offering electric car drivers from our neighboring countries the opportunity to use CleanCharge chargers as well as our customers chargers on their own local conditions.

With the new fast and intelligent chargers and charging technology, we offer you future-proof EV chargers and coherent energy solutions within:

Capacity controlled charging

Energy storage on batteries