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Nils Trond Dullum

Nils is the founder and CEO of CleanCharge Solutions ApS in 2006. CleanCharge is one of three major CPO’s in Denmark and covering the Nordic countries.

Rasmus Brandt Pedersen

Rasmus has a broad background within electric mobility and operating large fleets of electric cars, and the experience to understand and guide the customer to the best solution

Naomi Hagelberg

Project Manager
Naomi is a biologist, who turned into an Environmental and Safety Specialist, with 7 years experience with The Danish Defense ensuring compliance with all relevant standards and regulations

Marianne Lyngbek

Web Manager/Web EditorMarianne has good digital marketing skills anchored in SEO and content optimization. She also has an extended language foundation with a broad commercial and international background.

Kit Eyde

Kit is visual Designer and Photographer with a long history in graphics, marketing as well as in web project management.