The first 150 kW charging station in Denmark

Claus Bildsøe Astrup has been appointed new CEO of CleanCharge Solutions ApS.
15th January 2018
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The first 150 kW charging station in Denmark

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As from Wednesday, February 7th, it will be possible for EV drivers in Copenhagen to turbocharge their electric cars. As the first company in Denmark, CleanCharge Solutions ApS together with By&Havn have set up a 150 kW quick charger in Nordhavn. In the future this will make it possible to charge approx. 10 times faster than on normal chargers.

It is now possible to charge an electric car on a 150 kW EV quick charger in the Nordhavn quarters of Copenhagen. CleanCharge Solutions has set up Denmark’s fastest EV charger in a P-house, which significantly reduces the time it takes to charge EV’s. The charging station has been set up in cooperation with By&Havn, as part of the EnergyLab Nordhavn project.

From 2 hours to 8 minutes

The 150 kW charger is set up in P-house Lüders, where CleanCharge already has a 50 kW quick charger as well as two 22 kW AC chargers. The purpose is to show how quickly and conveniently you can charge your EV. The charging points are available to all. With the 150 kW charger, an EV prepared for it can charge for a 100 km drive in 8 minutes, compared to the 1-2 hours, it normally takes on a standard charger.

“Nordhavn is the sustainable city of the future, and at By & Havn we see the new, fast EV charging station as an obvious offer to the city’s motorists. Our goal is, in general, that Nordhavn should be the place where future energy-efficient solutions are developed, tested and implemented”, says Development Manager Rikke Faaborg Jarmer, By&Havn.

“We are really excited to take part in opening the fastest EV charging station in Denmark, so that residents and visitors to Nordhavn can quickly charge their electric cars,” says Claus Bildsøe Astrup, CEO of CleanCharge Solutions ApS. And he continues: “In addition to the charging function itself, the charging station is designed to provide access to consumption data and knowledge of the need for electricity charging in a new area of the city. This is particularly interesting in an area such as Nordhavn, where public transport through car share is a major part of the infrastructure”.

The charging station is available to all, either through direct payment, by scanning the QR code at the charging point or by subscription, which can be obtained from CleanCharge Solution. The charging points can also be used by foreigners visiting Denmark via the Roaming Service “Intercharge” from Hubject.

The P-house Lüders is located in Helsinkigade 30, 2150 Nordhavn.

For further information and images, please contact CleanCharge Solutions, CEO Claus Bildsøe Astrup at +45 3132 0649.

CleanCharge Solutions Aps offers charging solutions for EV’s as well as payment solutions for both private and business use. The company also supplies stand-alone battery solutions.

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